CircLabs connects people with digital news, information and entertainment relevant to their lives and their communities.

We're testing a way for America's editors to help citizens discover their share of the news, and circulate the news that matters to their friends, families and colleagues. The Newshare/Circulate™ Discovery Service will be curated and offered from America's local newsrooms and topical experts.

Together we'll help journalists to deliver:

For news users:

With Newshare/Circulate, the news will find you.

If you want help creating and circulation your "news personality" give us your email below and we'll be in touch when it's time!

For news publishers:

With Circulate, your content finds a wider audience.

Circulate shifts power from news aggregators by facilitating relationships directly between consumers and publishers of authoritative information.

For advertisers:

With Circulate, your message connects with the right consumers.

Circulate delivers your messages with laser precision to the consumers you want to reach, at a time and in an environment where they want to hear from you.

"Circulate is foremost an 'intelligent news agent' that always travels with you around the web... This is a nice scheme: Local ads follow you everywhere, and the local publisher that sold you the Circulate membership can charge higher CPMs for the ads. In theory, the newspaper gets to sell ads into any website that you happen to visit, vastly extending the reach of a single news organization far beyond the walls of its own online properties."

— Steve Outing,


© 2009-2013 CircLabs Inc.

© 2009-2013 CircLabs Inc.