CircLabs Inc.'s mission is to connect people with trustworthy digital news, information and entertainment relevant to their lives, their communities and their citizenship.

We develop services for the attention economy, helping users to manage their privacy and preferences for personalized news, to share information and ideas with friends and colleagues and to take advantage of relevant advertising and valuable, trustworthy information.

Abundant information in our digital economy means a battle is underway for attention. As a result, the relationship between news and information users and publishers is breaking. Our goal is to foster a shared-user network for trust, identity, privacy and information commerce that allows news organizations to enhance and expand their relationship with their users.

CircLabs Inc. is a unique effort to connect journalism, research, entrepreneurship and standards collaboration.

We are a private company which is one-third owned by the University of Missouri, with a small stake held by The Associated Press. It is the result of Information Valet research which began at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the university in 2008.

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