There are two "FAQs" available for this prototype. This page has general questions about the service. YOu can also reach a more detailed FAQ about the user experience, with illustrative screen shots.

What is Newshare/Circulate™?
How does it work?
Why is Newshare different?
How does it do this?
What about privacy and security?
How can Newshare affiliation help grow my publishing business?
Who is behind CircLabs, Circulate and Newshare?

What is Newshare/Circulate™?

Newshare Circulate is a service that makes online news and information more accessible and social.

Publishers sign up with CircLabs Inc. to use Newshare Circulate to deliver a high-value experience to their readers, and to benefit financially from the additional engagement.

Consumers sign up with Newshare through a trusted Web "home base" (for instance, a local publisher) and optionally share their interests. Circulate then discovers news, information and entertainment from trusted sources and delivers to each consumer a personalized streams of content, wherever he or she is on the Web.

Newshare is available to Web users at all times, as contrasted with the 1% of time spent by Web users on news sites. The Newshare finds personalized content that consumers want and makes it easy for them to share news, video, blogs and other content with friends.

How does the Newshare/Circulate service work?

End users should sign up for Newshare/Circulate via their favorite news organization, which will provide a user account. Once logged into a designated location, each user will have opportunity to create their "news personality" -- a set of expressed intrests in topics and genres of news and information.

As users begin to use the Newshare, the Circulate Discovery service will begin to make suggestions about specific topical interests the users may want to add to their "news personality." Over time, you can refine your content interests so that Newshare gets to know you and becomes an even better personal guide to the Web.

That's cool enough, but there's more coming in future versions of the Circulate service:

Why is Newshare/Circulate different?

Before Circulate, you had to know your online destination or use often-unpredictable and frustrating search engines, RSS, aggregation sites or bookmarks to find it. And you needed to do all the work by typing search terms or by scanning links. This hasn't changed much during all the time the Web has been around.

Circulate solves this problem by bringing the Web to you simply and quickly. With Newshare/Circulate, you can take a big step into the post-search, Web 3.0 world. Newshare/Circulate is a personal information agent that works just for you.

How does Newshare/Circulate do this?

CircLabs keeps track of the news that you view. You will be able to see your personal news profile, and to have it deleted if you no longer want to use the service. As you continue to interact with it, you can allow it to learn more about you and your preferences, and it uses that information to deliver Web recommendations to you. CircLabs gathers information about you to make the service more useful to you. Your "news personality" is known only to you and to your sponsoring, home-base news organization. The terms and purposes under which your home-based news organization may use information about you are the subject of your Terms of Use with them.

Eventually, you'll find that Newshare/Circulate brings you what you want to see, learn about, and interact with online, before you may be aware from any other method that it was available. In a real sense, it will become an intelligent personal information agent.

What about privacy and security?

User privacy is a fundamental value at CircLabs and among our participating news organizations.

At all times, Newshare/Circulate is fully under your control. It respects your online privacy and security. At any time, you can review the personal information Circulate uses to bring the Web to you. You can edit or delete it at any time. Circulate will not share your personal information to anyone other than the news organization you signed up with.

How can Newshare/Circulate help grow my publishing business?

As a publisher of news, information or other content online, you face the challenge of getting paid for what you offer on your sites – through advertising, subscriptions, per-item pricing or other revenue streams.

Newshare/Circulate addresses this challenge with a game-changing solution to help you earn more revenue from your online content:

Who is behind CircLabs and Circulate?

CircLabs was incubated at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI) at the University of Missouri and is one-third owned by the university. The Associated Press has contributed technical collaboration and research and development. The AP is a small shareholder in CircLabs Inc. Others investors are individuals.


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